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 Please bear with me for I have never used an online form before  and wasn’t sure if I’m in the right place to ask help , 


 Anyways picked up a MacIntosh Classic 1  for super cheap not knowing if it worked and I am completely in love with this thing only problem is I was having trouble booting it up got it to boot once or twice fix some capacitors  on the motherboard and I went to Boot it up the other day and left it on for a while  (  it usually took about five minutes before it would try to boot )  and nothing was happening I went to turn it on and off again and sparks went flying from the power board let it sit for a while to see if problem occurs again tried again and same thing happened at a complete loss now on what to do any help would be great thanks .



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Welcome to the forum! I don't really have an answer for you other than your best bet is to not post it in this section, as this is they "Lounge" and mainly just for blabbing about stuff and basically just shooting the breeze kinda thing. That being said, you will have a better chance to post it in the "Compact Mac" section of these forums here. There are a lot of very talented and knowledgable peeps here who are super friendly and willing to offer input to macs in distress. Try that and see where it goes from there. Good luck! 

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