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I came across this just now and it will surely be useful to somebody at some time.

It's on archive.org at the moment.

It's a listing from the archived Griffin Technology website of displays for the Mac (mostly CRT, it seems).

Here is a sample of one such entry.


Apple : 12" Color Display (M1299)



Maximum Resolution:
512x384, 60 Hz
Max Mac:

Scan Rates:
Horizontal scan: 24.48 Khz
Vertical refresh: 60.15 Hz
Bandwidth: 30.24 Mhz

Mac Adapter:

Video Signal:
Signal type: Analog
Sync: Composite

Physical Specifications:
Type of connector: DB-15
Tilt & swivel base: No
Net weight: 24
Dimensions: 12.2x14.4x10.2

Monitor Type:
Fixed Frequency

CRT Attributes:
CRT size: 12
Image size: 8.08x6.02
Technology: Shadow mask
Picture tube: Color
Phosphor: P22
Dot pitch:

Other Specifications:
Energy saver: No
MPR II compliant:
Power consumption:
Warranty (P/CRT/L): 1/1/1
Plug n Play: =energy.html>

User Controls: [Analog]
BR, CT =ctrls.html>



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