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Simple file sharing (Mac SE/30 to Mac SE)

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Hi folks,

I have an SE and an SE/30 and I want to use peer-to-peer AppleTalk (printer port to printer port) for file sharing.... should be simple and I think I did everything I'm supposed to do, but no luck yet. The SE/30 has system 7.1 (and/or 6.0.8) and the SE has 6.0.8. I have file-sharing turned on and Guest user access etc.  But when the SE Chooser comes up and I select, AppleTalk, there are no File Servers listed to choose from.

Not sure how to troublehshoot further (other than replace the cable?) Also wondering if there is a step-by-step guide for simple file sharing....

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I know my SE/30 had about 4 bad traces from capacitor goo that went to the printer ports.   I was looking for some kind of loopback tester hardware for the printer/modem port but didn't come up with anything.  Since then I connected up another mac and tried the file sharing between two macs and it just worked without doing anything special.  

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