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Finally found that numeric trackball for 128k/plus

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Finally found it, on eBay, and not as part of some other auction. Made an offer of $128.84 over the offer of $189 and the seller accepted. I'm not sure if sellers always notice the especially relevant numbers in my offers but I'd like to think it makes a difference. Arrived decidedly sooner than I expected. Just tested the thing and it works; numpad keys work fine, vertical movement on the trackball isn't working the way it should but should be fine once I open this thing up and clean it out. (Boy, does it need to be cleaned...)


The only thing which isn't quite working is the regular keyboard when it's connected through the numpad. After a bit of keymashing I managed to get in a keypress or two for several keys including A and ], but they repeated nine or ten times, or continiously until I pressed another key on the numpad. I'm not exactly sure what the problem might be; it could be the contacts on the keyboard cable port need to be cleaned, or maybe there's something burned out on the circuit board. :( I'll post another picture of the inside a little later when I have time.


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I was under the impression they are generally worth more than that; they aren't exactly very common. But hell, I would have paid a dollar if I had the chance. :/ Either that or I overpaid, but it wouldn't be the first time I've overpaid for something. Probably not the last either.


:/ :/ :/ 

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I took a few pictures of the insides while I was cleaning it:




I don't see anything that immediately strikes me as broken or burnt out. The same problems persisted before and after I cleaned it. I'm not sure if anyone here with a better eye than mine might know how to fix it. If not I'll probably return this. :( It's a shame because it matches the M0110 so nicely...



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