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well, this has been a fun project. I don’t have a 6100 or the proper PDS adapter card to use my 486 DX2 dos card in my Centris 610 (which doesn’t work anyway at the moment.) so I decided to try it in my Quadra 650. I didn’t have any of the Dos or windows disks, so I found those, same with the Apple Dos Card software. The only remaining hurdle is the sound blaster drivers. I haven’t been able to get that working at all. I thought getting the display drivers was going to be horrid but that wound up not being too bad. Does anyone have the Apple disk for the sound blaster drivers or know what version of the sound blaster 16 driver installer this needs to work?



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The classic Houdini FAQ claimed that it could fit in a Q700 without bulging the case, provided it was seated properly with the clips near the front of the case that normally secure a full size Nubus card or Quadra PDS card.



  Does Houdini work in a... Quadra 700?
    Yes: I installed the DOS card and got it up and running with
    very little trouble... The card does not reach the back of the
    computer but you can get the cable through the hole if you are
    persistent...The PC sound is a problem because the card uses
    the CD in on the 610 as an input. The 700 has no CD in. I hope
    to figure some work around for this to.
     - Michael Bradd (michael@clark.net)

    The Houdini installed in my Q700 just fine. Michael Bradd
    mentioned that his Houdini card cause the case cover to bulge
    (it seemed a 1/4 cm too tall). I found that this was NOT a
    problem. My cover shows no bulge. Just make sure that the tabs
    on the cover that help hold a PDS card fit properly over the
    Houdini card. I suspect a bulge would be caused from an
    improperly seated Houdini.


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The 6100 right angle adapter converts the 6100 PDS to a 68040 PDS, so the only thing not used is the angle adapter in the 040 machine. Fitment, however, is an issue....


I'd be interested to know more about fitting in the 040 machines. I had understood that you couldn't get the lid on any of those mentioned when the Houdini card is installed, not just the Q700, but you can?

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The card more than fits in my Quadra 650. I had read that it didn’t fit in the 700 and the lid closing entirely but apparently, it is possible for it to fit and close completely but the sound will be an issue because the 700 never had an internal CD rom. 

Dont know about the 900 and 950... never even seen one in real life.


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