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VIDEO: Recapping the SE or SE/30 Analog Board

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It took me a while but I finally got my SE & SE/30 Analog Board recapping video published to YouTube today.  Safari users, note that you'll need Chrome or FireFox to watch it in 4K.  Don't forget to watch it on YouTube so you can check out the links I put in the text description (click SHOW MORE to see all of it), including the Mouser Cart that includes all the capacitors you will need.  Enjoy.



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I’m not done watching yet, but you forgot the J1 pieces I was looking for...

Thanks for the help to find them.

When I type in those #s to mouser, it shows me a 6 pin connector. ?!








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Thanks for watching and for your comment.  The product photo on that Mouser page is wrong.  Note the Description correctly says "Pin & Socket Connectors 4P HEADER."  Also, when you open the datasheet, it too shows the wrong drawing in the upper right corner, but all the data is accurate.  And from within that datasheet there is a link to this drawing.  And if you go back to the main product page on Mouser, it shows you in the Specifications section that there are "4 Positions."  Trust me.  That product on Mouser is 100% correct.  Molex are just lazy bozos for not putting the proper pictures where they need to go, although Mouser could have fixed that had they lifted a finger.  But I have seen this before on other products.  Not everyone has an eye for detail like you and I, sadly.


Since you noticed this, I will update the YouTube text description to note what I have just said.



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