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LC III Power Supply Clicking...

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18 hours ago, Iesca said:

Ah, that's good to hear, I will give that a shot. And a part list would be fabulous, thank you!

Attached is the list of caps I ordered (and used) for the three different types of LC PSUs that I had in my collection of LCs.  (Astec, TDK and Dynacomp (which was a new one for me).


I've recapped about 9 units with this list and haven't had any issues.  The clearance for the big filter cap is a bit tight height-wise for one of them, but everything still went together perfectly fine.

Mac LC PSUs Distribution.xlsx

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Here's what I ordered and some relevant information.



PSU Voltages

All caps are radial through hole.

- 1x 270uF 10V 6.3mm diameter 11.2mm length
- 2x 270uF 25V 10mm diameter 12.5mm length
- 1x 56uF 25V 5mm diameter 15mm length

Secondary (as per 68kmla):
- 3x 1000uF 10V 10mm diameter 16mm length
- 1x 47uF 25V 5mm diameter 11mm length
- 1x 10uF 50V (replaces C8 at 8.2uF 50V) 5mm diameter 11mm length


Please note that I have not actually managed to get my PSU to work, though it remains to be seen whether it's a PSU or a logic board issue. For me, the fan spins and the speaker clicks every second or so, in time with the PSU clicking.

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