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SE/30 nothing happens when powered on

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There isn’t much else to explain except that literally nothing happens when powered on. I know the analog board and crt are good because I tested it with another board. 


Picture of the board can be seen below. 


Where  do I start? I’m sure even if the caps were bad it would do *something*



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That's some bad rust right there around the floppy connector.

So it does happen like nothing nothing? No fan, no harddrive spinning nothing? Could be a short somewhere if it really does nothing at all - normally it should be flupping or ticking though even with a short.


Caps should still come off though and everything needs a good clean and visual inspection. There are some vias that don't look too good, they need to be checked.

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Yea I think that would be my next step. Oh by the way @Johnnya101, that floppy connector housing didn’t last long lol. I think I could’ve peeled it off with my bare hands. One of the screws snapped while removing it but oh well. 


To confirm, nothing happens at all. It’s rather strange. I’m surprised that my ultra-corroded board had more success.... it even displayed something on the screen!

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Well, I know for sure that corroded board is missing at least one or two parts that have fallen off, probably an IC or two is damaged, and many traces need to be repaired. You're not going to get much farther with it than what you've done.


I'd love to see a photo of it just to see what was under all the gunk!

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Yes it’s missing quite a few components. Not too worried about that. 


After cleaning  off most of the garbage the traces are actually not as bad as I expected. It’s still got a long way to go but it’s getting there. At the moment I actually have more hope for that board than the other one lol. 



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Yeah, doesn't looks too too bad. I had a guy interested in maybe buying that board plus an SE/30 and showed him a photo and he's like no way that will ever be saved. I'm like, well, I've seen worse. Let's see if you can make it happen :)


Might just have two more se30s put back into circulation

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thanks to reading the thread posted by @techknight I did some poking around and sure enough, L14 is completely missing! Gonna grab that off the other SE/30 board and see if I can get this one fired up. 





im also missing c74 and r35 (though r35 looks like it was never there to begin with). Hopefully they are still on the other board. 

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9 hours ago, Johnnya101 said:

Cool! What was the issue?

In total: missing components, cap goo, no ram. And of course, broken crt. It was obviously from that case. 


Salvaged parts off the corroded one and gave it a good wash. Haven’t tested inputs yet. The floppy drive didn’t work so I’ll have to tear into it and clean it. 

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