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Need Testing Help with Mac External 400K/800K Drive

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If you have a multimeter and a Macintosh External 400K or 800K floppy drive (models M0130 or M0131), I could use your help with a quick test. Put your meter in continuity check mode (where it beeps if there's a short circuit), and test for continuity between pin 9 of the drive's connector and any other pin. See the photo for the location of pin 9.


You need to make sure your multimeter probes are only touching one pin at a time, and aren't touching the metal shield around the pins, in order to avoid false positives on the test.


Hopefully pin 9 is not connected to anything. But I'm a bit suspicious it may be connected internally to pin 7 or 8, or possibly others. I don't have either of these drives, so I can't do the check myself. This is for exploring some crazy daisy-chain ideas for the Floppy Emu.


Thank you!




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