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Help with SCSI names (Color Classic)

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I need some help with the correct name/nomenclature of some SCSI connectors.  I am trying to plug a SCSI CD drive into the back of my Color Classic.
Photo sphoto1 shows the SCSI cable connectors on the back of a CD drive.  The SCSI connectors are small at about 1 and 5/8th of a inch long.  Photo sphoto2 shows the SCSI cable coming from the back of my Color Classic.  It is quite wide at about 2 and 1/2 inches.
Is the SCSI connector in the back of my CC called a "50 pin Centronics"?
What is the name of the SCSI connector on the back of my CD drive?
I saw this SCSI adapter on ebay and wondered if it would work:
What I really want to buy is a cable with the correct head at one end to plug into the back of my CC, and the other end to plug into the back of the CD drive.  Can anyone point me to one?
Also, I need to buy a terminating resistor (I think) that would plug into the back of the CD drive.  But I can't buy one because I do not know what the SCSI connector is called.
Help appreciated.




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The one on the back of the CC is a DB25 - the bottom Centronics 50-pin is really big, 1.5 times the width and perhaps more in height compared to the DB25


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCSI_connector has a really good photo comparing the three kinds you're referring to (the ones on your CD drive aren't Centronics 50), including what looks like your exact CD drive!


I've not used the one on your CD, but I think it's an MD50

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edit: hi, maniac, you beat me to it. HD50 = 8bit (narrow) HD68 = 16bit (wide)





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