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Audio and video problems with Macintosh Plus

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Today I powered on my Mac Plus and I heard really weak start up beep and there was this weird pattern on screen for a few seconds, then the missing disk screen showed up and it booted into a system as usual, except there was no sound. Second time I powered on the Mac there was no sound (not even quiet beep), also there wasn't any audio output from the audio jack on the back.


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On 10/29/2018 at 2:24 PM, bibilit said:

Checking Ram is easy, but you need another set to swap aound.


A cheap Multimeter is all you need to check voltages.





I know this reply is late because I didn't the have time to do this. I skipped the RAM and voltage test and checked  the solder joints on J4 and some were cracked. I re-soldered them, it didn't help, but upon seeing the checkerboard I heard screech, second time I powered on the mac there was no sound.

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