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MessagePad OMP H1000 Glitching/Flickering Repair

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I bought a MessagePad on eBay as "Broken, screen flashes" so I thought I'd give it a go in repairing it blindly...  

First observations:  It's an Original OMP H1000; No sound, occasionally the display would show through, touchscreen is fine, faint mechanical ticking in sync with the glitching - not form the speaker.


On first opening it the area around the speaker wires and power input has a white residue.  C1 [100uF,4V] is a compact electrolytic that had some brown around it


Replacing this got me sound (startup chime!).  It also had the typical fishy smell when desoldering it.  LCR meter showed correct value but obviously it was bad.



Digging deeper I removed the main board to find another compact electrolytic C51 [3.3uF 35V] with brown goo around it. 


Fishy smell again, LCR meter showed as bad - no value at all.   Replacing this got the display back!


Final boot successful! 





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