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8-bit GEOS for Apple IIe (also Apple II Desktop)

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Anyone know where I can get a working copy of 8-bit GEOS for the Apple IIe. I'd be willing to pay someone for a working copy on floppy. If I found the software online, it would be a bear to get it on a floppy myself. Additionally, I'm also looking to get a copy of Apple II Desktop.


My Apple IIe system is finally running nice now, I have the mouse card, 80-col/64k card, DuoDisk... I'd love to play around with those old GUIs.



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You have a Super Serial card, so why don’t you give ADT Pro a try? A db9 to db25 cable shouldn’t be too hard to find and you’d have access to literally everything, not only geos.

You might find the setup process a bit convoluted at first but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. And trust me it’s a lot easier to configure compared to the ADT Audio client. And your SSC has a standard connector unlike the IIc. 


PS: Thanks for reminding me that GEOS existed. I’ll have to give it a go sometime soon. 

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