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Am working on a long term restoration project of a Lisa 2/5. This is my first attempt at restoring a Lisa and I have a lot to learn. Fortunately, I have multiple copies of each board and a configuration of boards that work (except for some video adjustments I need to do to the CRT). 


I have one motherboard which works well EXCEPT does not register the mouse button as being pressed.  The mouse pointer moves fine. When you press the button, no action on screen. The mouse itself is fine and works perfect on a 128K Mac. The mouse also works perfect when the motherboard is replaced. 


Any suggestions on what to look for on the motherboard? I've done one deep clean on the board and have not visually seen any broken traces in the general area of the mouse port.


Thanks so much.

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all mouse handling is done in the COP chip on the IO-board, but it might just fail because of a bad connector on the motherboard.

if mouse position is good but button fails you can have one port of the cop bad but most probably it's just a contact problem, check cop support (it's not far from battery pack and subject to damage here)

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Thanks for the note. I did check the area visually and it looks fine. I feel certain it is at the motherboard level as I've now swapped in a third motherboard with the same I/O and controller boards. That worked fine as well. Maybe when I have more experience I will try to replace the actual mouse port. For now I'm just designating that particular motherboard as a test backup. So many other items to clear off my Lisa to do list in order to bring a single working Lisa back to life.

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