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Mac Plus force SCSI ID for boot

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I want to force my Mac Plus to boot from a certain SCSI ID, where I have a chain that has multiple drives that contain system folders.  


I can't change the SCSI IDs of the drives due to other circumstances, so I want to force the Mac Plus to boot from a certain ID.  As it is now, the Mac keeps booting from the wrong drive (the one with the larger ID #).


Can I make a boot floppy that will tell the Plus to boot from a certain SCSI ID?



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11 hours ago, SDUBjed said:

The "Startup Disk" app is not compatible with the Mac Plus.  I have confirmed this to be true, and read it online, but I don't know exactly why it's true.

"The "Startup Device" cdev is only supported on the SE and up, which have the additional firmware to support it. The Plus will boot the SCSI device with the highest ID number, so if you want to change the boot order, just change the SCSI ID." Source: Mac Plus Startup Device.

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