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i got got this PowerBook 160 from gumtree sold as is - I recapped the power supply and it’s giving a constant 7.8 volts 

I don’t get a chime only the screen pictured, no HDD spins up - and there are no electrolytics on the main board for me to recap so I’m stumped and have no clue on where to go from here any help would be much appreciated 

Please includ as much detail as possible ☺️





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My crystal ball is broken. Sorry... Without troubleshooting your never gonna know what the fault is. You need to dive into it. Remove the main battery if it hasnt been, and go from there. Take apart and check/reseat the CPU card, etc... 


Also from first glance, I know the LCD is bad. that line down the center is not a good sign, and the display will need recapped anyway. 


The screen itself will need some repair, as the mainboard MAY still be working but you cant hear the sound. 

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I have reseated all the boards and the main boards look undamaged with no orrosion, it had chimed once in first turn on but never since \


could a bad cmos battery cause issues like this ? 


And yes will need to recap lcd next, is this the repair you had in mind or something more intense?





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