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Upgrading to 8.1 on a Quadra 950 - with an "unsupported" HDD

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What's the best path to upgrading 8.0 on a Quadra 950 to 8.1, if the installer shows the drive as "unsupported"?


I got 8.0 on this Apple-branded IBM 2GB SCSI HDD by booting from a SCSI2SD image that  has Anubis installed on it. I also had to use an external SCSI CDROM drive, as the internal caddy-loading CDROM drive is dead.



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Can you try updating the disk driver from within Disk Utility? I've had issues with drives formatted/partitioned using FWB & Anubis and had to pretty much commit to using Lido... which I wouldn't imagine would give you any obvious benefit if it's an Apple-branded drive.

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Reformat the 2GB drive using Apple's own HD Setup utility; alternately I'm finding SilverLining to be my choice for the most compatible third-party formatting utility (also letting you format to HFS+ when you get to OS 8.1)


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