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Powerbook G3 PDQ/Wallstreet SSD

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I've been trying to max out my newly acquired PDQ. Most importantly, I wanted to get an SSD installed. I bought an Ableconn mSATA to IDE adapter, along with a SanDisk 16GB mSATA SSD. However, my Mac OS 9.2.2 boot disk doesn't seem to be able to recognize it in disk utility. Just to be sure, I put the HDD it came with back in, and when booting up from CD, the boot disk could recognize it.


  1. I'm using that 2003 Universal 9.2.2 boot disk floating around. Is there another version of OS 9 with better drives that could work with the SSD?
  2. Failing that, are there mSATA SSDs which are know to work with PBG3s?


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I put a Kingspec 64GB PATA SSD (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4YU3YX3508&Tpk=9SIA4YU3YX3508) in my Clamshell iBook last week and had the same problem. I made sure to copy over the contents of the existing drive and I thought I blessed the System folder, but it wasn't recognized during boot. I have a set of system discs from a dual-USB iBook and booted from the OS9 install disc. I then had to initialize the internal drive in Disk First Aid and do a fresh install of 9.2.2. Not the worst thing in the world, but it was sure a pain until I figured it out.

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Yep I've just put one in this morning in PBG3 PDQ and G3 Kanga, they're fussy what type of Hard Drives to put it in, I find those 44pin to SD card works the best in those.


see link



Ive already tried;

44pin to CF - failed and very slow.

44pin to mSATA - wouldnt be found in Disk Utl. - works fine in Lombard/Pismo

44 pin to PATA Kingspec - failed to pick up in Disk Utl.


End result - 44 pin to SD is best way to go.



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I can share my experience here:

I had used:


Cheap CF to 44Pin Adapter from eBay + CF Card

KingSpec PA25 32GB PATA SSD

Toshiba 128GB mSATA SSD with red DeLock mSATA to 44Pin PATA Adapter.


All 3 combinations have worked like a charm in this PowerBooks:


PowerBook 1400c

PowerBook 2400c

PowerBook G3 Lombard

PowerBook G3 Pismo

PowerBook G4 Titanium 866MHz


The fastest option was of course the mSATA SSD with DeLock Adapter on PowerBook G4.


On PowerBook 1400c / 2400c all combination had approx. the same speed. (I haven't measured yet).

IMHO - mSATA SSD with mSATA 2 IDE Adapter will be fast in G3/G4 Powerbooks. In the older PowerBooks - it doesn't really mater. Maybe is "True" SSD a bit better than CF-Card when of using MLC Chips.


But again: All 3 combinations worked with MacOS 8.6 / 9.x on all Systems

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