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IIsi Power Supply...recap or ATX?

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Hi All,


Over the holiday weekend I was able to pull out my IIsi motherboard and of my SE/30s to be recapped.  Both need their power supplies addressed.


The IIsi is pretty maxed out in terms of what I run it it so I am interested to see if an ATX has been hacked into the IIsi.  I have seen ATX going in SE/30 PSUs however they are slightly larger.


Anyone done ATX with a IIsi?  





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You'll definitely want to put a FlexATX PSU in that power hungry beast of yours. A 300W unit is headed into my IIsi/Rocket's can. I haven't done more than fitment evaluation and it snuggles in there nicely.  I'll be using the original @$$bits as they'll plug nicely into an adapter PCB.


I've got a hacked Q700 PSU sitting atop the FDD housing for bench testing so I've had no need to take it further.

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