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Apple II Plus Card Identification

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I won an Apple II "Plus" on a goodwill auction recently for around ~85 total.  I don't typically collect these machines, and the last time i used one i think i was in middle school.


It came with a stack of cards that i'm looking to identify.  In the 3rd picture i can see one of them is a 16kb ram card, one is a disk drive controller, one is a printer interface card and that's about all i know .


I don't know what any of the cards are in the 2nd picture.  The Novation card looks interesting:


Thanks for any info!

502147819112254on (1).JPG



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I'm guessing the novation card is a modem; the name of the company rings a bell and it has a connector labeled "phone line" on it.


Did you pull the foil stickers off the EPROM windows on three of the cards? Regardless of yes or no I'd strongly suggest you cover them up. A few hours in the sun's worth of UV exposure and you won't have firmware anymore.

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