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Duo 230 LCD screen transplant into PB 100 ?

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I read somewhere in this forum that it's possible to transplant the screen from a Duo 230 into PB 100.


Duo 230 Screen

Built-in Display:    9.1" Grayscale    Native Resolution:    640x400
Details:    9.1" grayscale passive-matrix (4-bit, 16 grays) Supertwist LCD with a 640x400 native resolution.


PB 100 Screen

Built-in Display:    9.0" Monochrome    Native Resolution:    640x400
Details:    9.0" monochrome passive-matrix (1-bit) Supertwist LCD.


Looks like roughly the right size, and resolution is correct, but would this work?


I'm assuming the wiring harness plug would not be compatible.


This would be great if it worked as I have a PB 100 that has pink splotches all over it.







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Check the specs against the 2300c panel's width. In 640x400 16bit mode, the 2300c screen hacked into my original PB100 lid fits the opening perfectly as I recall. Doubtful you can get either Duo panel to work with a 100 board though. It's not just the connector, the 100 has miniaturized Luggable Video bits to contend with as well. BabyPB has had a 2300c board upgrade in the works going on fourteen years now. When people were turning laptops into digital picture frames I was turning a black and white PB into computer color slideshow display. :lol:

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