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We're in luck! Reactivemicro.com is going to make more of the Transwarp GS accelerator clones this summer and they are taking pre-orders now at TranswarpGS pre-order !

Placed an order (i hapened to have money after selling other retro stuff) and can't really wait to get in hold of one. 

These cards (originals) are getting really expensive in order to regular hobbyists buying them and i believe, modern clone, is more long lasting than original from the 80's. 

OK, those might be more collectable of cause but.. 

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I'm trying to focus all of my willpower on not pre-ordering one of these cards!  I had a IIe and then Macs when I was younger and never really played around with the IIgs that much. I recently fired up one I have had for quite some time and was really impressed. I upgraded it to 1.25mb of ram tried GS/OS and became even more impressed. I've since ordered a new power supply for my IIgs (and two others for one of my IIe units and my II plus) when reactivemicro had them on sale. I bought their CF storage adapter and am now waiting for my 4MB RAM card. I've also ordered a SCART cable and SCART to HDMI adapter. 


If if I order the TransWarp, I think my wife will kill me. 


In all seriousness though, is there any benefit to having a IIgs at 16mhz?

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GS/OS runs better with a CPU upgrade and some mass storage and plenty of RAM. Most games (if not all) work just fine with a base IIgs system.


I put my IIgs systems together a long time ago when parts were much cheaper (or free) and easier to find. $300 for a CPU upgrade is out of my price range to turn a IIgs into a slow mac (my impression). For me a IIgs is a solution for playing old Apple II games without a bulky IIe, plus the IIgs native games.

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