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Multiscan 15" green tint

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The one I see all the time has a more flat bezel with the dropdown door on the left side. 


This one: 



But your right, I guess whoever was the lowest OEM bidder to apple, got the job of manufacturing them. If I am not mistaken, I know the color plus was made by GoldStar/LG. 

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It may have been a regional thing. Here in the US I've only ever seen that same one, plus the MS15AV of course, and I've seen one or two Australians posting about the other, squarer one.


The Multiple Scan 15 was basically the budget/cheap display most/all of its life, so I don't think Apple felt any particular need to have them conform to a specific standard, the way a Multiple Scan 20, or later AppleVision/ColorSync displays would have.

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Well its been way more than a few days but here is the end result. What I did was resolder the joints to the electron gun I believe and adjusted trim pots on the neck board and flyback. It is WAY sharper now as well.




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