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How to write 400k discs images

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Please forgive me for asking this basic question.


How do I write 400k disc images to use them on my Macintosh 512k?


I am using Macintosh SE/30 with System 7.5 w/internal SuperDrive and external 800k drive (M0131). I managed to copy .img/.dsk files downloaded from the internet to my Macintosh SE/30 through standard 1.4M floppies.


Now I need to write them to a DD disc somehow.


I have following programs installed:


DiskDup+ 2.9.2

ShrinkWrap 2.1

Disk Copy 3.5


but none of them is able to load .img or .dsk images from the harddrive and write them to the disk. DiskDup+./DiskCopy don't see my files at all when I try to open images. The ShrinkWrap does see them but when I try to write them back to disc it reports "size mismatch" presumably because the image is 400k and my discs are already 800k formatted. Is there a way of reformatting 800k disc to 400k?


Do I need to rename these files to see them in DiskDup+/Disk Copy? They only seem to see images created by them.



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I have a Mac 128K so 400K floppies are all i do. I have had the best results with Copy II Mac.

Various versions tried before I found one that worked with my setup. I think it was the 1984 (1985?) release and I run it on System 2.0. Later versions will probably work fine on something like System 3 and above.

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On 4/22/2018 at 10:04 AM, bibilit said:

Disk Copy 4.2 should be able to do that.

Yes. General information on MFS and System 7.5 at "System 7.x: Limitations on Use of 400k Disks" -- https://support.apple.com/kb/TA47951


System 7.5 can't directly format MFS disks, but Disk Copy 4.2 does it in the process of making the disk.


It sounds like maybe you've stripped the resource forks from the disk images -- did you handle them in Windows? I don't think changing the file extension to .image (instead of .img) would help, but I would try it if nothing else works.

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