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Mac 512K, upgrading to Ke standard.

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I have an original 512K and I'd like to see if it's possible to get it up to 512Ke standards (800K floppies, etc).


Would I need to simply transplant Plus or Ke ROMs into the 512K, or is there more involved?  Furthermore, is it even possible/practical?

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Off the top of my head the *one* detail I can think of that you might need to watch out for is the 800k drive might take a different cable than the 400k one. Presumably you'll be getting your 800k ROM and disk drive from a donor Plus, make sure you take the cable too.

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3 hours ago, Dog Cow said:

The upgrade to Mac 512Ke in 1986 cost about $300 from Apple, which included dealer installation.

And this is an excellent reason why non-"e" 512ks are so rare today. For anyone who was actually *using* their Macintosh verses giving up on it and stuffing it in the closet there really wasn't any good reason not to upgrade and plenty of good reasons *to* do it. There's only a tiny subset of software that doesn't run on a 512ke and I believe most of the incompatibilities involve oddball copy protection techniques that involved messing with the drive speed on the 400k drive, not ROM problems.

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