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I have a MacXL 2/10 and everything is working pretty well (including the widget hard drive). The only issue I seem to really have is the screen. The image is smaller than the displayable space on the CRT (and it is dim - see pictures). In reading the SunRem guide (ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/.../applelisa/Lisa_Do-It-Yourself_Guide.pdf) for the MacXL upgrade it seems that maybe the image is supposed to be smaller than the screen ("final raster of 8.44 inches in width and 5.99 inches in height). As far as I can tell, the system does not have the upgrade transformer installed either.


So two questions really:

1) Is the screen/image normal? Can I make the image (raster) larger)? If so any advice on making it brighter? What about the 5V adjustment?

2) If I want to run Lisa OS I understand I can't have the screen mod installed and need to revert the Hi/Low and Video ROMS - or can I leave it the way it is? IE - revert to H from 3A.






vid card




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Howdy! Welcome! :)

have you seen this yet?



Imho, your screen looks pretty normal to me. It's not going to display edge-to-edge.

Here's a picture of my Lisa2/XL. It's a Sun Remarketing machine and has the screen kit.

My screen could probably be centered a bit better but I'm just happy it's sharp and bright.

You can make adjustments to the screen with the pots on the video card per the do-it-yourself guide but you need to be really really careful. It's highly likely that you need to replace the capacitors on the video card and the power supply.


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I couldn't find a list when I looked. I had to get the numbers off the components.

However, if you give me a bit of time I will go back through my records and I can make a list of what I used.

I replaced the large caps in the PS and on the video board.

There's also some caps on the motherboard that can cause issues.

I have not replaced those myself but I probably should.

Basically, it's a safe bet that all the capacitors in a Lisa need to be replaced. :)

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Ok, Here's a few Digi-Key numbers for the caps I replaced. It's not as many as I remember, or I'm missing some data.

Check the square caps for cracks..


PN: 565-4440-ND 470uf 250V snap Qty -2

PN: 1189-1890-ND 470uf 35v radial Qty - 1

Video card

PN: 493-12234-1-ND 4700uf 6.3v radial Qty - 1

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