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[Link inside] Is this an accurate Q950 CD bezel?

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Asking because there is a Q900 floppy bezel on the same site (Milagro Computer) but it looks more like a Q800/840A floppy... there's no mistaking the 900/950 floppy bezel (nice right angles)


The CD bezel, not so sure. It doesn't look the same as the other different ones I've seen (some with round eject buttons, others with the standard rectangular button) but could it still fit?


Quadra 900/950 CD Bezel 815-2738


Would love the flexibility of swapping out bottom drives from time to time (I have a "framing" bezel that was meant to hold in full-height drives but it just doesn't look as good.

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Rats. That was my hunch because it looked way too rounded but thought it might have chance, what with all the variations I’ve seen up to this point. Would have been a lot easier (for me) to rule out if there was a single CD-ROM bezel to compare to. 


Then again, if this was legit, they’d be out of stock once word spread to this board :)



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There are two models of official compatible bezel, the caddy load 900/950 bezel and the 9150 tray load bezel- the latter seems to be more desirable (although I have no idea why, caddies are far cooler :) ) There is also at least one mostly "open" bezel that's basically just a frame- I don't recall if I have that model... but for the tray-load model, prices are all over, but I've seen them fetch upwards of 100USD in the near past even.

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I have the generic "frame-only" model and have used it on a Tandberg tape drive to (briefly) a disassembled Apple CD 300i - in fact, I 3D-printed the .stl file from https://modelrail.otenko.com/apple/quadra-950-case-issues-and-modifications


There's been chatter in the 3D printing thread about these bezels and it's no surprise those that want it to "pimp out" their 900/950s are passionate about it :)


I'm not sure I would pay $100 USD for the bezel (but maybe I could flip it after getting it scanned), but I'd probably pay for a 950 or 9150 that included one.

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