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Does the Performa 630 CD series need to be recapped?

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I've wondered about this too, mine whirrs away quite happily though and there seems to be a lot more available to buy than other 68k Macs, so I guess a lot more have survived and work well, perhaps in part because the caps are indeed not prone to needing replacements



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There are electrolytics on the 630 board but I have yet to see any that actually started to leak.

But that situation was the same some years back with the SE/30s and Classics so I would not be surprised that they will eventually start to leak on the 630 boards as well.

I have new caps on all my 630 boards just to be on the safe side.

There are a few heavy leakers in the 630s PSU though and those PSU tend to fail pretty often anyways. So if yours still works new caps might help keeping it alive.

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I have a slightly later machine (Power Macintosh 6100). While it is fine, it’s Apple HPV card has leaked at all 8 capacitors on the board. This is a circa 1993-1995 era card.


This weekend I plan on recapping that card, as well as my LC 520 board (my last unrecapped 030/040 era board). In a few weeks I’ll probably recap my 6100. I already have the capacitors in from @trag.


I think we are rapidly approaching the point where anything up to 1995 or so should be considered for recapping.


Analog boards and power supplies on the other hand... haven’t had to touch any of those yet. Though I have a feeling one of my CC ABs are about done and due for a recapping.

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No I haven't seen an LC630 that needed re-cap... (I used to have 40 of them and already sold off, have kept 6 of them now and they still do work) but I have came across to LC630 that have gone haywire and cannot work out why (that one did replace the caps as last resort but it was dead as)...



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I got my Performa 630 out of storage and it rattled. A couple of small SMD capacitors had presumably leaked and fallen off the board.  The case was incredibly brittle too, various bits broke - be very careful undoing the clips! I replaced only the capacitors that had fallen off, and it works fine!

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