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MicroMac Performer Redux: Cloning a 68030 Accelerator for Compact Macs

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Sorry for the late reply. No progress to report up until the last week or so.


I've dusted off the project and may have made a significant conceptual breakthrough? The five GAL (U7 inclusive) Mac Plus Performer appears to be far more interesting than the four GAL (U3-U6) SE version, which runs at 16MHz off the 16MHz clock on its PDS. The Plus version's GAL at U7 appears to be doubling the 8MHz line on the 68000 to 16MHz. By extension, the same might be assumed to be true when the proposed Performer/Laguna has the U7 clock multiplier GAL connected to the 16MHz line on the Portable's PDS?


PerformerPro for Plus and SE are spec'd at 32MHz:


So at present, my working assumption/theory would be that we're looking into putting a 32MHz 68030 accelerator in the Portable's PDS. :eek:


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