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Flashing a PB3112 SATA card

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I've got a PB3112SATA150 card coming in the mail.  I've read on here that it's possible to flash the chipset to be bootable in the Beige minitower G3 but I have no idea where to begin/what to search on how to go about doing this.


Anyone have a link/guide/pointers on how to do this?  I have a few PCI-compatible PC motherboards I can pop it into to do the deed.

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Here's my method of doing it easily: 

There're a few other ways if you dig around the forums, although I had various levels of success using them. The Wiebetech ROM is easy to flash but it won't work under classic Mac OS. The Seritek ROM is a bit more difficult to flash but it'll work with everything. 

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There is a thread for that somewhere here in the hacks section.

In short:

-You need the Sonnet/Firmtek Seritek Firmware (v5.13 should be the way to go)

-you need one of three possible flash chips the firmware works with - it checks chip IDs and refuses to work with the wrong chip (pm39lv040, mx29lv040 will work)

-you might have to move a 0ohms resistor to supply the flashrom with 3.3V instead of 5V - you should be able to trace the correct resistor when going backwards from the 3.3V regulator

-flash in an external flasher - saves you from a lot of hazzle with silflasher not liking some flash chips

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I did end up finding this thread: http://www.oldschooldaw.com/forums/index.php?topic=433.0


I've composed a Windows 98 bootdisk, attached below, as a 1.44mb floppy image, with the firmware onboard.


I will try it when it arrives, and if not, no harm done.  These cards are common enough, and I can always brute-force it by programming the ROM directly.


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