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So a few moths ago I bought an SE with 800k internal floppy and 20 MB internal HDD.  It worked for about a week before problems started.  I was trying to install Word 5.1, but it wouldn't install unless I removed all anti-virus software so I deleted the Norton software on the HDD.  When I rebooted the machine, the OS (6.0.8) didn't start up.  Figuring that I probably screwed up the OS install by deleting Norton, I downloaded some system 7.0 floppy images and wrote them to some disks using my Powerbook G3.  I tried to install system 7, but it said that something was wrong with the HDD and refused to install.  I rebooted and inserted the system 7 boot disk and tried using disk first aid, but to no avail.  I opened up the machine and reseated the scsi cable, and still the HDD refused to work.


At that point I decided to buy another HDD, so I did.  unfortunately, I couldn't get the old HDD out.  There are two screws on my HDD, one on the left and one on the right (I know that on other SE's, the second screw is usually under the HDD).  The right one is underneath the CRT and due to this, I couldn't get my screwdriver to connect to the screw.  Since my screwdriver has detachable bits, I detached the Phillips #2 bit and while I was able to connect to the screw I couldn't turn it.  I also noticed a leaking cap near the CRT (I think it was on the flyback transformer, if I'm using the right term).   So at this point, I decided I would go the external HDD route and deal with the cap later since I have no soldering skills and its location so close to the CRT made me nervous.  I decided to turn the machine on again just for the heck of it and now the FDD doesn't read floppies.  At that point, I just got frustrated and gave up.  I got the SE for $50 on ebay, so I guess it's not a huge loss, but still it is a nice looking machine and one I would've loved to use a lot.


So why am I making a thread now?  Because I'm curious if I should try to fix this machine or not.  New Year's is a time of reflection I guess.  If I should fix it, would an external floppy work or do I need to replace the internal one?  What is the best method of replacing that leaking capacitor I saw or should I ask a more experienced person to recap for me?  Would I be better off just getting another SE?



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