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Top screws SE30.. rounded out?

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I'm new here, so please be kind.


I was given an SE30, and need to crack it open to replace a dead HDD.  Unfortunately, the top (handle) screws heads appear to be rounded out or corroded to the point where there's nothing to grip on to.  


Any suggestions?







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Looks like you need to get yourself an Easy Out kit (just google it). You may need to look a little to get a set that are long enough to fit into the well. You could always drill them out, but that's a pain and you can damage the hole if not very careful.  If those bolts are that bad I sure hope the rest of the guts aren't in a similar condition.


Best of luck

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I really, really hate spiders. I am terrified of them. In fact, I nearly died a couple of weeks ago because a massive spider was hanging from the car’s sunroof literally 2 inches away from my head. When I saw it, I swerved right into the ditch. No one was harmed thankfully (unfortunately the “crash” wasn’t severe enough to kill the damn thing). I was driving a rental car and let me tell you, I handed it back immediately (it didn’t have a single scratch). Problem is: How big of a gap there must have been for a massive spider to sneak in? That car is definitely not waterproof. And it was brand new! Anyway, now I’ll know I’ll never buy a Toyota. Sorry Toyota fans...


Back to Macs... everytime I open one up I genuinely fear for my life. Not because of the high voltages contained inside the cabinet, but because of the high risk of dead or live spiders inside.


There was a living one inside an LC. It scared me to death. The LC has been restored but because of that incident, it has no place in my collection. I’ll pit it for sale soon. And there was a dead small one stuck between the pcb and the scsi port. This one wasn’t really that bad.


Just to clarify: Spiders are the only thing I’m afraid of. Snakes, mices, etc aren’t scary at all to me.

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13 hours ago, superlions16 said:

You actually made me scared about the whole tarantula part, because I'm going to be upgrading my Macintosh Classic 1st gen's RAM to 4MB and possibly replacing the SCSI drive with a more solid-state storage device. Also, are the Mac Classic's screws T15 or T10?

If you haven't already opened it yet, best not to open it on your bed like I did or anywhere else where you don't want a mess, dead bugs all over possibly.

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