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iBook G3/800 12" (02) Rescued

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Rescued an iBook G3 off ebay, i will be posting photos here as soon as i get it in.


Purpose of this system is to run os 9.2.2 (i also obtained the original restore disc set to install it) and not 10.x, i have a powerbook G4 17" for that (1ghz)


The prior owner of this system maxed the ram at 640mb, but it still has the original 30gb hard drive. Battery is almost at original capacity, with 45 cycles.

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Yes, the iBook G3 and iBook G4 both have issues with solder cracking.


The cases are very flexible, and the flexing case puts pressure on the logic board, which causes the solder of two components to crack…

In the iBook G3, the GPU solder is affected, the only way to repair it… is to have a reballer re-do the solder… Those other little tricks you may have read about don't last very long.


In the iBook G4, another chip (also controls video) is affected, but it's a relatively easy fix… Just desolder the connections and resolder them.


All G3s and G4s will eventually fail from cracking video chip solder, it's just a matter of when.

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