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apple IIe monitor problems

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Hello all,

I went to use my apple IIe recently and did the usual of turning on the monitor first, waiting a minute then the computer. everything worked fine for the first five minutes or so then the screen went really dark. everything was still visible but really dark.I adjusted the brightness knob but to no avail. I shut it off and the next day when i turned it on the monitor displayed everything really dark. I tapped the brightness knob with my finger a couple times but didn't rotate it and everything came up fine. does anyone have any ideas of what could be going on? do I need to let it warm up longer?

any and all help is appreciated. thanks everyone :)


P.S. it's a green phosphor monitor model# A2M2010

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Brightness pot is probably getting a little worn out and the wiper is not making good contact. I have a Monitor II doing the same thing. Jiggling the knob usually brings it back. Could also be old solder joints (easy fix, just reflow the joints).


If the pot is on it's way out, not much you can do...maybe replace it, sometimes spray a little contact cleaner inside (easier said than done) and 'work' the pot a bit to hopefully clean the wiper. I've fixed pots on stereos this way, at least for a little while.

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