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iBook functions normally for a bit, then UI freezes

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Well, not the whole UI. The pointer still responds to the trackpad, but clicking, dragging, etc do nothing. Only the pointer moves. I suspect a bad solder joint somewhere, as tapping the underside of the iBook causes the issue to surface, but I'd feel better with a second opinion before I stick any boards in an oven. It's a 12" 1.07GHz model, dated 2003. 256MB SDRAM stick in slot, and an Airport card. Everything functions normally aside from when it freezes. It does not respond to the lid switch for sleep or the power button unless a forced shutdown is done.



Thank you,



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My iBook G4 did something very similar for a long time. You may wish to take a look at this page:




In a nutshell, the solder joint fractures on one leg of that chip, causing anomalies with the system such as random freezes, loss of video during operation or an inability to boot, among others.


Performing that repair solved my problem. It could also possibly be something else, perhaps something GPU related, but those failures were much less common in iBook G4s compared to the iBook G3. I'd start with the VREG chip.

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I'm pretty sure said iBook G4 didn't make it past that point uni :) Had enough of them.


All in all though, it's a weak/fragile point of the logic board which just happens to be around the vreg IC. There may also be microfractures on the PCB on and around this site.

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