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In the late 90s there were many fruit iMac-inspired color products and accessories. Some came in a couple colors from the factory (like the Handspring Visors) and some had swappable covers (like the Epson 740i). I am looking around for some "matching" items for fruit colored iMacs but most of them seem to be forgotten nowadays. What were some of them?

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I had some a set of tangerine desktop speakers and a tangerine Epson printer. I wish I knew the brand of the speakers, because I wouldn't mind having some of them again.


I still have my Imation brand USB floppy drive that is bondi blue and clear white. Also macally made or makes mice that are the fruit colors.


Target sold a bunch of non-computer accessories with the same colors too, like alarm clocks, desk lamps and portable cd players. Vtech cordless phones, aiwa cd-players, etc. can't think of any others at the moment. Also: if you have a staples office supply store, they sell storage containers (called "Really Useful Box"), ranging from 2"x2"x3" up to a foot deep or so in the fruit colors (even bondi) they are the fruit color on the bottom with clear white lids. I know that's not really a computer accessory but I grabbed a bunch for the desk to hold flash drives,screws etc.

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called "Really Useful Box"


Woefully, mine only has clear white/blue/pink/purple on a regular basis, but some red and green have shown up, presumably in prep for the holidays. (I'm keeping my eyes out for black and orange and brown or some other interesting colors.)


Anyway just a note to add that I literally have 30 of these boxes and that they're available in lots of great sizes and stacking them is super easy and I am slowly replacing all of my other boxes and part bins with these.

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Target sold a bunch of non-computer accessories with the same colors too, like alarm clocks, desk lamps and portable cd players.


Yes! I remember those and I was actually looking for the lamps and figured they would be a nice compliment to a fruit iMac. I was having a lot of trouble finding them and finally found out why:






Although the CPSC site mentions Lowe's I noticed that these were the same lamps sold at Wal-Mart and Target.


Were there others?


The Agfa SnapScan 1212U was a USB scanner that came in a semi-transparent bluish-green color.


Oh yes! That's a cool looking scanner.

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Is that a tamagotchi?


Wow, I haven't seen one of those since the early to mid 1990's I remember when furbies were new. Anyone heard about the furby convention which resulted in 5000+ fried furbies when they simultaneously fried their circuits due to a bug? I thought that was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing

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