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P4 Exceed 8 GHz with these processors using liquid Nitrogen.

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Cedar Mill

The final revision of the Pentium 4 was Cedar Mill, released on January 5, 2006.



The shipping guy here at work has a older dell with a 3.0ghz +HT P4

Sometimes I stand there for a second, When I need to run some questions by him...


Anyways back 3 years ago this machine was at my desk, but i ended up building my self a Hackintosh,

2.5ghz dual core Celeron OC'd to 3.0 ghz.


As I was saying, The shipping guys machine just appears to be super fast, To where I notice everytime.

Granted he is running Windows XP, just banging through the windows. I Swear he doesn't have to wait even a millisecond, just bang, bang, bang.

7,8,9 tabs open in chrome, our crappy inventory software, Excel, Word, Outlook, Google Docs.

Pretty sure it only has 2gb of ram DDR2 Dual Channel.

might have a 500 gig seagate barracuda sata hd in there.


It just always seems like this machine is the fastest one in the building,

even faster then the owners Nehalem, 2.9 ghz i7 machine.


I'm thinking I want to get the fastest production Cedar Mill, and experiment with one of those Cooler master 212 beasts and see how far she will go, then maybe install xp / 7 / 8 and run some benchmarks.

Maybe throw Tiger on there, I think that is far as i can go on the mac side. Not sure if I can do leopard with the P4.


Anyone here ever OC'd the snot out of a Cedar Mill?

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I had a 3.0HT Northwood P4 in a dell laptop, UC'd to 1.8ghz and it still managed to melt the solder for the USB controller and connector for the LCD to where it had to become a desktop computer with no case just a giant heatsink and fan until I replaced it with a newer P4 gateway desktop.

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He just has Windows tuned nicely.


An absolute top-of-the-line NetBurst processor, the Pentium Extreme Edition 965 (dual core with HyperThreading, 3.73 GHz, Presler XE core,) overclocked to 4 GHz, gets *SMOKED* by even the early Core 2 Duo chips. I replaced that very processor with a Pentium Dual-Core E2180 (dual-core, 2.0 GHz, Conroe core.) That was the only item I replaced in the computer.


The computer was faster with the Pentium Dual-Core E2180. Not by a lot, mind you, but by a measurable amount. I then took out the high-end video card, as I was converting my high-end desktop into a server. Power usage measured at the wall dropped from 150 Watts at idle to 120 Watts at full load. Idle dropped to 30 W.


Ah, here's a comparison: http://www.cpu-world.com/Compare/676/Intel_Pentium_Dual-Core_E2180_vs_Intel_Pentium_Extreme_Edition_965_(HH80553PH1094M).html


It's pretty much a tossup. Between a CPU that was $84 at launch, and a CPU only one year old that was still on sale for $1000.

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