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MacStack1400x . . . 21.5 inches and . . .

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It will be a fun project to do if I can ever actually get started, but most of them are back on the bookshelf. The rest are pretty much submersed under a couple of layers of other projects. The worst thing is that the flotsam from tearing out my main workstation has drifted over and settled on top of that . . .

. . . I guess that's what comes of trying to reduce the desktop/hacktop acreage from levels of outright grlf/hostility. :-/


Meanwhile, my place looks like Tekserve's vintage parts cache exploded. :p

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I have a 1400c that needs a new HD (or CF card solution).
An appropriate and affordable solution is a PCMCIA to SDHC Adaptor and an SD-Card with a storage capacity of 4 GB (common, cheap size; more would violate the 4 GB-limit with regard to SCSI target mode). Consider to search the board and our Wiki for addtional information.


I lost 3/4 of my computer equipment in a flood last November
Some equipment might not be damaged beyond hope, yet. Once I had to reanimate a drowned LC475. I only removed the battery, dismantled the computer, washed it thoroughly with clean water and dryed the poor thing leaving it in an airtight bag of dry silica gel for a week. The only thing that needed special treatment was the harddisk drive, which gurgled of water trapped inside the casing. This was accomplished by removing the upper shell, rinsing with plenty of deionized water and carefully drying it inside a bag of dry silica gel, as well. After reassembly the machine worked, only the harddisk died after a few weeks of operation. That was long enough for a complete data recovery :-)
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