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Retouching Newton casing/plastic using vinyl dye?

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Hi all,


I've a Newton 2100 in good working order, but the screen door has had black texta marks leech deeply into the plastic, which is not removable. I'd love to recolour it using vinyl dye (dark green). As most know the Newton plastics have a soft-touch, slightly rubberised feel. Anyone with experience using vinyl dyes care to comment if this sort of plastic would be suitable for a dye? I've not used it before but consider it the only option to remove the permanent texta marks.





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The Newton 2100 is coated in that rubbery stuff, NTLK has yet to figure out what that stuff is actually called. I do know however that I have used my 2000 so extensively that lots of that rubbery stuff has come off. The Plastic underneath it is green as well. I'm not sure that vinyl dye would work, but who knows, it may! and if you mess up the plastics, I'm sure Frank Gruendel would be be more than happy to sell you a set of plastics for it.



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