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Beating my head against wireless network card...

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Hi folks!


So, I've got myself a Messagepad 2100, nice little device, and I've acquired some pcmcia networking stuff off ebay. I've got a 3Com 10/100 Xjack card (won't work, shouldn't work, doesn't work, shoulda RTFM better), another ethernet card that's on the way (RTFMd, will work), and an Orinoco Gold card (supposta work).


Well, the wireless is giving me a headache. I've tried to connect to hotspots generated by my Ibook and Ubuntu laptops, no dice. I think my next move is to get my hands on an old-school 802.11b router (can't find for love or money right now) and give it a whirl. I'm at least grateful that there *is* newton wireless support, and someday maybe a nice ATA storage card for the future.


I guess my question is - am I doing something wrong, or is there something I should be watching for? The card gets recognized when plugged in (the slip pops up), DHCP always hangs, I've tried every possible permutation of wireless settings (adhoc, infrastructure, wep, no wep) - no joy. Is there a set of network utilities (ping, traceroute, etc?) for newton - I couldn't find one on UNNA.




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Yeah, I've got Noguchi's driver - although I had MoreWifiCards installed - just did a wipe and installed only






Noguchi's driver



Confirmed a few things:

1. The ubuntu hotspot isn't being seen by anything else.

2. My iBook is starting to die. I've got the striped screen on both internal and external monitor.


I'll see about rustling up some genuine 802.11b routing hardware...

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