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Caps! -- A/B - Macintosh Classic

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This one is pretty easy.


Change all the Brown caps in the area right near the transformer,

You will find as you remove them, these are the ones that are responsible for the strong FISHY smell.


I don't have locations, however the caps are clearly labeled.

one - 1000uf 10v

one - 1000uf 16v

one - 1000uf 35v

two - 2200uf 10v

one - 2200uf 35v - this one was by far the worst out of all of them.




You can get all these at mouser.com - I suggest spending a few cents more per cap and getting panasonic 105c, All though, I am sure an 85c cap in the cheapest brand would work just as good. Either way all normally stocked caps.

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Ok I started a kit on mouser for two sets of radials for all the caps, looks around twenty dollars. When I get some money ill see if I can get them all fixed up. It sad because the screen and picture are flawless. No sound is just weird.

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I believe you found a typo I'v made.


its 2200 @ 16v not 35v,


However I would suggest a 35v cap in that spot, that spot could use a cap with more beef. The one that was there blew-out the bottom.



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I counted these electrolytic caps from my Mac Classic analog board (European version):


1× 2200µF 16V (high temp)

2× 2200µF 10V (high temp - not sure about voltage rating, label blocked behind other caps)

1× 1000µF 16V (high temp)

1× 1000µF 10V (high temp)

1× 470µF 50V (high temp)

3× 470µF 25V

3× 1µF 50V


1× 1000µF 16V

1× 220µF 16V

1× 470µF 10V

2× 47µF 25V

1× 47µF 16V


1× 1000µF 25V

1× 220µF 400V

1× 220µF 50V (high temp)

1× 4.7µF 250V


(Obviously not all need to be replaced with the exact same voltage rating, those are just what happened to be installed in mine.)

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