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Macintosh Classic CRT to VGA/HDMI/similar

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I would like to fit my (non functioning) Macintosh Classic, with a Raspberry Pi, to use as a general purpose computer/server/interesting object to have around the house. I am hoping for it to look authentic as possible, so ideally I would actually like to keep the original CRT inside, but find a way to hook it up to the Raspberry Pi, via the HDMI, or Composite Video, I do not mind which.


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Start at the last page of the hacks forum and start working your way forward. Check out every thread that seems like it might be related to what you're interested in. By the time you've covered a couple pages of topics, you'll have a much better idea of what's technically possible and what's actually practical on a number of things including interfacing with the compacts' weird video.

Pay particular attention to posts by the green guys. Even if they won't tell you what to search for, they do know a bit about the topic. ;)

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I don't remember if the signalling form the logic board or the analog board was TTL or analog. I need a pinout of the connector and I can give you a yes or no answer. Unfortunately even Apple's service documentation does not mention it.

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