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I rescued a trio of old iPods from the depths of my girlfriend's parent's cabinet this weekend! When I asked about them, they said "Oh, yeah, those old things haven't worked in years; they're yours if you want them."


I wound up with two original 4GB minis (green and blue), and a 10GB 3rd gen. The two minis have dead HDDs (both click when you give them power), and I am waiting on a FireWire-->30-pin cable to try charging the 3rd gen. I replaced the HDD in the blue, nicer-looking mini with a 6GB microdrive that I had laying around, and it works like a champ! I may just keep the green one around as a partsPod. I'll update this thread when I learn more about the state of the 3rd gen :)



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Nice! Even those obsolete iPods fetch money on eBay. I paid $50 for 2 2nd gen minis like new with their boxes.
That makes sense. Music is the same as it was thirteen years ago, and the basic technology used to record it, store it, and reproduce it has changed very little.


In short, an iPod is an iPod. The only difference between the original and, say, the latest top of the line model, is the amount of storage space for music and number of periphery features.



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If the drives are dead, I'd stick CF cards in them. You can get them cheap enough these days, even in sizes (8GB+) that are bigger than anything that came out in a mini. As long as you get an ATA/UDMA compatible card it should work. I run a SanDisk Extreme 16GB in mine, with that and the NewerTech battery I put in, I get great battery life. Just be very, very, very careful when taking it apart. Expecially when disconnecting/reconnecting things, and sliding the guts back in, lest you destroy the logic board. (as I did)

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