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Grabbed a nice PowerBook 1400cs/166 with extras

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Yesterday, I decided to check out my local craigslist and see if anything interesting was listed.


About 10 minutes into the search I found a listing for a PowerBook 1400cs/166, I clicked on it and saw that it was only $40 and that it came with quite a few extras.


What was included in the listing:

PowerBook 1400cs/166 (1.3gb HDD, 64mb ram, with optional video out card installed)

CD-ROM Module

Floppy Drive Module

3 Batteries (All working, each with about 60 to 90 minutes charge, 2 33 watt hour batteries, and 1 30 watt hour battery)

Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse

2 serial MIDI interfaces (one fastlane midi interface, and one opcode systems interface)

Video out cable

SCSI cable

Power Adapter

Targus Bag


The laptop itself is in like new condition, and even has the port door on the back, and for being a dual scan screen, It's quite nice.





I'll add more pictures when time permits.

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Yeah, i just noticed that, here are some better pictures. (I apologize for the quality).



Boot up



Top View



Everything it came with (minus the power adapter)



Close up of the MIDI interfaces



No problems yet, it runs like a champ.

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Nice haul. I've always liked the 1400 that have a few that are upgraded to the max. The one thing you have there that has eluded me is the internal video expansion card.


Cool, all you need is to max the RAM(?) and then Sonnetize it for an acceptable OS9Book.


Just like my faithful Beater. ;)


64MB is the maximum that a 1400 can take. It is enough for 8.6 and certainly 7.6.1, but its a little shaky for OS9.


Even if you have a G3 upgrade of some kind, OS9 is still slow.

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I've wanted xxxx - serie PowerBook for ages. Nice find and so complete also, good find for such a unbeatable price!


I am thinking if should offer 15€ for an untested, without hard disk, 1400cs/133 locally... i do not want more projects/"for parts" machines right now, if it requires a lot of work looking for parts, power adapter etc.

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