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Powerbook G3 Obnoxious Battery

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Given: A G3 Lombard with two batteries. I also have a stand alone battery charger.


The machine recognizes the presence of battery #1. It runs on it and charges it with no issues.


The machine does not recognize battery #2. This eliminates a problem with the machine. I've tried both batteries in both bays. The problem follows the suspect battery. I've tried that Battery Reset program from Apple. No dice. Battery #2 charges fine on the stand alone charger. It currently shows four green lights. If I unplug the power cord with battery #2 installed, the machine will die within 30 seconds.


I had a third battery that was boat anchor dead. It wouldn't do anything anywhere. So, I broke it apart to see the innards. Since I really damaged the case in the process, I'm not going to do that again.


Does anyone know of a pin-out for the battery? I'm thinking that maybe if I momentarily short the proper contacts, I might be able to reset the controller board internal to the battery without breaking it open.


Anyone have any other grand ideas?

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