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PowerBook G4 for my Birthday

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I recently celebrated my 22nd birthday, and decided to buy myself something I've wanted for quite some time now.


So here it is, a PowerBook G4 15" from Mid 2004.

Processor: PowerPC G4 7447a @ 1.5Ghz

Ram: 1GB DDR (2x512MB) PC-2700 RAM

HDD: 150GB

OS: OS X 10.5.8

Optical Drive: SuperDrive

15" Widescreen LCD

Ambient Light Sensor, and Back Lit Keyboard


I am quite surprised, it's almost in pristine condition, with no dents, or bending. Just a light scuff on the bottom on the ram cover.


It came with the Original AC Adapter, and a nice laptop bag.


Grand total: $74.99 + $15 shipping.


The seller listed it as "For Parts or Not Working" because it would only power on with the power cord. The very first thing I did was reset the PMU, and check the battery. It is the battery that is toast, so I've got a replacement on its way.


I've always wanted one of these since they were released. They still are quite useful machines, even to this day.

The part that really blew me away was that I was able to watch youtube, in fullscreen with no stutter or framedrops at all.


Anyway, I'm rambling on now, I'll post pics here in a day or two. :beige:

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They really are quite versatile, I've found. They can still play modern video formats pretty well (as long as it's standard definition), and they can browse the internet reasonably well (albeit a bit slowly, but that's to be expected with a computer this old).


I got mine (a 1.5 GHz 2004 model) for $50 (well, two for $25 each, combined to make one working unit). With a new battery, AC adapter, hard drive, and new display hardware, it's now like new. I think my total investment was around $100. Not bad.


I've wanted one practically since they were new, but they were too expensive at the time. Now, I can finally afford to have one!


It will serve you well for a long time, I think.


Good luck with your new "friend"!


Happy Birthday, too!!



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