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Quadra 700 Appreciation - Stories - Got one?

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Rob told me a little about the Q650 memory expansion in PM. The image shown there is probably with a large RAM disk. Above some value, he must allocate the extra memory to a RAM disk or it causes system problems. Still, he's got the available memory way beyond the original spec. or had when he PM'd me.

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I ended up throwing 4 - 16meg simms in my Q700,


Pretty much with the Video, the only setting that i can get to work properly, with my DB15 to VGA adaptor

is the VGA setting(640x and 800x), other Resolutions work, but the color is way off, faded greenish tint. if tried many of the settings

my adaptor has 6 switches,


anyone have the config paper for the 6 switch adaptor?

i googled with not good results.

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ok after spending time, inside and out, of the 700 900 800 950 840av


The Quadra 700 is my most favorite case design,

- The Quadra 700 Over clockable to 32mhz

- Ram Expansion

- Vram Expansion

- Nubus Expansion

- All Solid Caps

- User Friendly Case, easy access.

- Quality, Non Brittle plastics


A negative:

- no internal optical drive expansion - 5 1/4


I would like to say Quadra 700 is my most favorite Quadra.


IF the q605 did not have brittle plastic, that would be my #1.

Nice thing about the LC475 its the same as the Q605 /wo the terrible plastics.

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We'd seen way too many changes in computing over such a short period of time by then to have had that kind of expectation. We'd already bought enough computers that didn't live up to the hoopla built up around new releases to be "waiting" for a rollout unless we were using something that was badly outdated and ready to upgrade.


Over a 20 year period, I was called in to sort out Macs for Alec Jeffreys, the inventor of genetic fingerprinting. When we first met, Alec was using a Quadra 700 which needed to be hooked up to university file servers plus a few patches to get MS Basic(!) working again. The Quadra was overkill for his immediate requirements but served him well when we rolled out Mosaic 2.0 (quickly followed by Netscape 0.9 etc) as a supported service for Mac users. The Quadra 700 replaced an SE/30 IIRC which continued to be used by other members of the lab.


Alec Jeffreys was one of those people who used his Mac for as long as it worked. The lab needed lots of other kit and whilst the department was well funded, Alec chose not to purchase vanity computers for himself. Attempts were made to drag him away from his G4 long after Apple had ceased providing OS support but he clung on.

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I have a 700 and am looking for a good use or two for it! I'm considering taking it to my new apartment once I move in to serve as an Ethernet/AppleTalk bridge. The IBM 15" LCD I picked up in Charlotte at a thrift shop would be a nice topper for it.


For me, the biggest appreciation I have for it is the fact it shipped with tantalum caps on board. Some of these computers are reaching 22 years of age and still have original, functional caps (and will for another 30 years or so).

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Q650 faster?

- q650 is 33mhz

- maybe the q700 has a slower hd

- maybe the q650 is running an older os then the q700


- cannot mix ram sizes in the q700


Make the q700 faster:

- q700 will oc to 32 mhz no problem

- Modern 10k 2.5" scsi HD would speed it up alot!

- running Mac os 7.1 on the q700 would make it very snappy.

- installing (4) 16meg simms (68megs) of ram would be nice.

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Yes 700 = 25 MHz, 650 = 33 MHz, but it's maybe 30-40% faster (just a feeling), OS is/are the same 7.5.3/7.5.5 don't remember now exactly. The OS on the 700 is also quite new, the 650 is loaded with some stuff, did way more with it than the 700. It's my 3rd use of 700, yet ever.

The HD indeed is only 160 MB in the 650 resides a 300++ maybe 500 but <1 GB. Does it make THAT difference? Would be 8-) Got a spare 500 MB ProDrive Apple OEM here. But this drive every half or minute makes a rattling sound, is this normal for this drives?




So cannot mix, ok. But could I use same size modules of other size than 4 MB? I.e. f.e. 8 MB modules? 3x 8 MB = 24 MB or 4x 8 MB = 32 MB and so on...


Make it faster!


OC I have to dig around the forum a bit, I guess? Read about OC'ing some other Mac (was it 605?) by only changing resistors/soldered jumpers? Would be nice if same easy way to do on 700. Don't have an idea how hot it gets if OC'in by 133% 25 MHz -> 33 MHz. Now the heatsink without fan is estimated 35°C "cold" after 1h of usage.

Modern 10k I think is overkill 50 pin SCSI maxes out at 10 MB/s. Access time would be way faster and storage space much more of course. 10k drives often are loud. Didn't find a silent one yet.


Thx for info and


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Modern SCSI Hard drives:

The 2.5" 10k drives i use are almost silent. - over kill? yes, @ 3 bucks a piece, who cares.

- thanks to james :)



you just change the oscillator.



Your right capacity really has no effect on performance.

Some of the older 160meg drives big and slooooow.



I would install in groups of 4, and they all should match.



Maybe run a benchmark, like Norton System info.

After its done you can see where your bottle neck is.

my bet is on the slow HD in the Q700.

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Personally, I feel the performance differences between 68k macs are lost in the rounding error of 25 years of computing advances.

However, from a technical perspective, the 650 is going to have significantly better memory bandwidth, particularly with interleaving. The maximum RAM is much higher, and RAM for it is significantly cheaper. Add to it the fact that you can put the modified ROM in a 650/800 and get 520MB of maximum RAM, letting you have both a larger RAM disk than HDDs of the era with more RAM left over for application use than a q700 or stock 650/800, and I think I've found my favorite quadra.


There are of course other aspects to consider, such as form factor. I'm a fan of the 700's case, particularly over the cases of the 650 or 800. The onboard video of the 700 is capable of 24bit video where the 650/800 is only 16bit. The 650's SONIC ethernet controller is a bus master on the system bus, resulting in much lower CPU load for similar throughput. But for many practical uses, it's kind of hard to beat a several hundred megabyte RAM disk that is preserved across warm restarts, with hundreds of megs of RAM left over.

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Q700, Greenish Tint Video. With adaptor set to VGA mode..


If your Pram battery is dead, Replace it, and if you are booting into a OS, 7.6 or higher, it will fix your greenish tint issue.


My issue was, i had 7.1 installed. and the pram battery was dead.


So i changed the PRAM battery. Booted to 8.1 from external zip disk. POP in the middle of the boot process it corrected the screen, (green tint issue). Rebooted and 7.1 now looks fine…


I think the Quadra 610 has this same green tint issue and Fix as well.

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One of my friends that were into Desktop Publishing upgraded from a SE/30 to a Quadra 700 in early -92. Besides having color, he also bought the Apple Cd-rom. Still remember to this day the jaws dropping, when the Pc-guys with their 386s and Win 3.1 saw the setup.


One year later a few of the Pc guys had saved enough money to buy 486dx. But later that year my DTP friend upgraded to a Quadra 840a/v, and the PC vs Mac discussion was over.

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i bought one, end 1991


the only computer powerful enough to handle 3D CAD,

auto-generate sections, 3D shapes with color and shadows


FPU integrated, lots of memory, AAUI,

slots for extra video card, CPU upgrade card


configuration (1991):




Quadra 700

RGB hi-res monitor

Apple Two-Page Monochrome Monitor

for backup : 650MB ram disk read/write at speed 1


mainly used for ArchiCAD v3 and Photoshop

plotter : Houston DMPL A0 penplotter ( not pictured )



later CPU upgrade

Apple Power Mac upgrade card




in use until 1996



my apple collection - list


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Ah so other wise you like the Quadra 700 case looks ?


Personally, Getting ready to do something crazy! (thanks MinerAI its all your fault)

I need to find a Q700 Case + Quadra 650 main board

then i am going to over clock it past 33mhz --->42?

And i'm going to load it up with 4 - (32mb) simms

Finish it off with a 10k 73gig SCA HD :-)


if anyone has any of these parts i need let me know.

just tell me what you need for em. yellow or not n/p,

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