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the eMate: web or bust

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So I managed to actually get my hands on an eMate a while back, and an orinoco wavelan card


I managed to get some help from Newton poetry, and geek technique.


I've had no problems getting the card recognized, but I can't really figure out how to connect to a network. I open the card info box, then in the (i) dialogue box I type in the credentials for my open AP and then close the dialogue box. I then open courier and I get no response; no URLs resolve.


I guess my my problem really is that im confused. Is there another step to actually connect to the network, or some package I could install to get more info on what is actually happening?

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A. Read the NIE manual.


B. You probably haven't gone through the actual internet setup program, which is found in one of the other folders at the top of your screen. The extras screen shows unfiled items by default. Internet setup is in the Setup folder, I think -- dont have my Newt with me just now, but you'll find it. The Unix template works, or the generic one; the other templates are mostly for ppp connections.

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Hopefully you got this working or will come back to it, but I figured I'd chime in. While there is a preferred order for installing NIE, the WaveLAN drivers, etc., the biggest gotcha is that DHCP seems fairly unreliable. I'd suggest trying a manual IP, subnet mask, gateway/router, and DNS servers.

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No I never got this to work. Its still sitting in my room. I'd like to take another crack at it, but it was pretty frustrating trying to figure it all out. A simple checklist would be ideal.


-Do this

-Then this

-Then this.


sorta like that. I realize I'm lazy, but its hard to jump head first into newton stuff this way.

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