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eMate does not read flashcard

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I have a 4MB flashcard I found in a Newton MP110 from a thrift-store. The compact flash card would NOT read on the Newton 110, but can be read by my eMate.


However, the eMate will not write to the card. When I insert the card a dialogue box appears giving me card information and at the bottom it reads "Writing to this card is not supported". I have checked the write protect switch and there are no problems there; it is firmly in the "write".


Does the eMate only write to certain cards?



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I have a couple that work on my MP130 and MP2000 but not on my eMate, but I don't remember what kind they are.


Here's a good list of card types. Maybe you can identify what kind it is and label it so you don't get it mixed up.




I miss my Newtons. Gotta fire them up one of these days!

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