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Conquest: Powermac 9600

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Yes, disk caching software it is.

For Mac OS 7.1.2 it will improve performance for 68k apps (how many applications for 7.1.2 were PPC native?), particularly on nubus machines.

This seller on ebay has a copy if you are interested:


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On the X100 machines Speed Doubler is much more than disk caching software. It changes the 680x0 code emulator from an interpreting emulator (translates each instruction as it goes, if it's in a loop, every instruction will be translated every time through the loop) to more of a compiler, by which the 680x0 code is converted to PPC and a chunk of it is retained in memory. If the program loops, most of the instructions' translations are still around and the translation needn't be repeated.


This can do things like double the speed of emulation of 680x0 code.


On later machines (x500, x600) Apple used the same kind of scheme; they may have licensed Connectix's code, I'm not sure.


So the place Speed Doubler really shines is on X100 machines. Sure, it still has some nifty copy and disk caching functions on later machines, but it really speed things up on the 6100, 7100, 8100 and related clones.

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Have had a busy few weeks and haven't had much time to tinker with this beast but I've just managed to have a little play with her.


OS7.6.1 is amazing on this monster. Everything happens INSTANTANEOUSLY! I run an expanded Amiga 1200 too and the Amiga OS is famous for being super responsive, and OS7 on the 9600 feels very much like that, stuff loads almost before you've double clicked it!


Got OS9.2.2 installed on another partition, using OS9 Helper. Works fine, but is sluggish compared to the other system on the computer, but still a very nice OS9 experience.


The bad news though is that there are some annoying stability issues. It all just hangs from time to time. The PRAM battery is dead, so I'll replace that first to see if that helps, but i suspect there's some bad RAM in there somewhere.


I made a couple of videos last night. I was mildly boozed up, so they do ramble a little. Peppered with foul language too I'm afraid, so NSFW...






Not the greatest or most enlightening vids perhaps, but I'm treating them as an experiment and will do some more in depth and sober ones at some point soon.



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